There are only good reasons to decide to outsource
your production with PMF:

  • You are developing a new activity away from your core processing activities
  • You are expanding and as a result lack production capacity
  • You have peaks of demand and production bottlenecks that do not justify capital expenditures
  • You need to access a modern plant with full regulatory compliance (EFSA, GMP…)
  • You do not want to handle time consuming registration requirements for products to be exported outside EU
  • You want to take advantage of economically attractive and convenient use of raw materials handled by us
  • You need a fast quick-off for a new business opportunity
  • You want to limit your logistic and exporting charges and centralize production and shipping from a plant located very close to Antwerp or Rotterdam port
  • You want to save on cost of production and limit cost of capital
  • You lack the manufacturing skills and experience to handle specific products
  • You want to benefit from the economy of scale provided by PMF that services multiple customers
  • You are in need of logistic & administration services

Customers experience peace of mind collaborating with our skillful and experienced equipment operators and technicians.