The range of processes & services we offer is determined by our customers’ needs.

  • Quality control & analytical services
  • HPLC analysis (organic acids , antioxidants)
  • Accurate & detailed Technical documentation preparation (PDS, MSDS, labels)
  • Physical and chemical analysis (fiber, pH, density, moisture,
  • Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy/FT-NIR)
  • Sample preparation
  • Contamination analysis: Mycotoxin detection and risk assessment
  • C02 – Efficacy test for mould inhibitors
  • Oxypress and oxidation rate analysis
  • Microbiological analysis (end of 2012)

We are willing and able to support you in every phase of your product development, from testing to scale-up to volume production. Customized product development, co-development and other agreements may also be arranged.