History & Heritage

"Philippo's Mineralenfabriek" was established in 1959 with the objective to blend vitamin mineral premixes on behalf of 1/3 party's principals. Late 80, with the growing demand for technological feed additives, "Philippo's Mineralenfabriek" became a toll-manufacturer for a number of companies involved in the developing and selling of acidifiers, anti-moulds, antioxidants, toxin binders.

In 2006, "Philippo's Mineralenfabriek" changed ownership. Responding to strong growth, a vast program of heavy investment took place transforming the factory to a state-of-the-art facility, doubling its current capacity to 45 000 tons of additives/year, adding two main production lines with a 35 m tower (using gravity - no elevator, no mechanical transport), and a new laboratory. The company was renamed PMF Productions N.V.

Today PMF Productions N.V. is a high technology & modern toll-manufacturing site, specialized in feed supplements (ingredients & additives).